Dawn Kotzer Coaching
Dawn Kotzer Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

____What is an Inner Wilderness Guide?
As an Inner Wilderness Guide I help you build self esteem and steer yourself with confidence in unfamiliar territory. In this way you find your through line, and in a non linear manner, uniquely your own, make your way towards meaning, fulfillment and success in life.
I create a space where you can land softly, stand tall, catch your breath and gain a sense of where you are so you can move forward in a direction that is meaningful to you.
I follow your lead, support and guide, teach and witness. Together we lift the fears that were dulling your shine or keeping you in the dark.

____What is True Self?
Eckhart Tolle may say it best.
"You become like a lake. The outer situation of your life' whatever happens there, is the surface of the lake....calm, windy, rough, according to the seasons. Deep down however, the lake is always undisturbed. You are the whole lake, not just the surface, and you are in touch with your own depth, which remains absolutely still."

My Take?
True Self is the part of you that you never need to argue with. Soul. Your inner wisdom, creativity and compassion seamlessly connect with the universe. This place of 'absolutely still' is not static and dull but rather 'Vibrantly alive peace.'

____What do you mean by a state of Grace?
Byron Katie
"A state of grace is when you believe that there's nothing more to do than what you're doing right now...in this present moment."
Eckhart Tolle
"When you say 'yes' to the isness of life, when you accept the moment as it is, you can feel a sense of spaciousness within you that is deeply peaceful."

My take?
I think we live in a state of grace when we stop fighting with ourself.

____As a coach, what do you draw upon?
I draw upon the work of Dr. Martha Beck, Dr. Robert Maurer, Byron Katie,
Lee Thomas Ward, Jill Badonsky, along with my own diverse experience in life, business, design and wilderness living.
Also, the principles and elements of design (which are the manifestation of functional physics which I love to study)
I subscribe to the ancients and the values of the Universal Laws.

___ Coaches often have specialties. Do you have any?
I help you find solid footing in this business called life.
My areas of expertise:

Inner Wilderness Guide
Building Self Esteem- You are enough.
Finding Self Confidence- Navigate change and uncertainty with confidence.
Releasing Self Sabotage and Perfectionism- These 2 are partners in pain.
Making friends with Fear- learning to love our Shadow self
Soul Play- Learning to trust our intuition, creatively rebellious and brilliant human be-ingness.

Wholehearted Entrepreneurs Coaching
When we express our true self through our business, a valuable business coach needs to meet entrepreneurs in the intersection of personal and business coaching- inner wilderness guide meets successful and savvy business-financial background.

My background as a life long entrepreneur and 'outlier' serves me well in coaching entrepreneurs to be authentic, follow their own groove and create a space where there genius meets the desires of their clients.
Sandblasting your soul for success is no way to live life. You can claim your own inner brilliance and embed it into your life work, no matter what that might be.

____What are the Benefits of having you as my coach?
You Gain
• Peace
• Confidence
• Self Esteem
• Clarity
• TRUST in your own INNER WISDOM
• A rekindled sense of PLAY and CREATIVITY
• Resilience and a lift in your step

You Learn
• Tools and Skills that help you confidently identify and resolve your issues and concerns. You become your own life & business coach.
• Change is no longer a dirty word.
• How to claim your strengths and skills
• Small Steps linked together creates momentum that you can count on

You discover
• You're Less Afraid, stressed and anxious
• You feel moments of JOY
• You like yourself more than you thought
• You LAUGH more, LOVE more, LIVE more
• Life gets Better

More than anything, you feel the soul song satisfaction that you have shown up for yourself...big Time.

____Confidentiality. That's a given, right?
Definitely. What happens in our shared space stays here. I don't share conversations, email and other contact information. Scouts honour.
____Feeling the resonance?
I could have asked you what you think of this so far, but checking in with your body first gives you a very special sense of Awareness.
When choosing a coach or specialist of any kind, you want to feel a certain level of ease, connection, hopefulness...aka Resonance.
If you know I'm the person you'd like to work with, get in touch. Let's Talk.

____What's involved?
I don't use a cookie cutter template, a 6 step plan or 10 part process.
YOU are unique. Why would I use a cookie cutter approach? You are not dough to be molded and baked.

I use techniques that are resonant with your style, your personality and your issues. My process is flexible, intuitive, creative yet pragmatic, fun and related to real-life, real-time needs and issues.
Unlike advice-driven coaching, my sessions involve an experience and/or time to take small steps on something that might be overwhelming you or pushing your buttons.
You leave feeling Super accomplished! as you've cleared a little or a lot more of the path ahead. Yep...you rock!

The aim is to clear away, in a kind, non-judgemental, resonant manner those limiting beliefs and self sabotaging habits that no longer serve you.
We engage mind, body and heart and soul.
Spirit shows up too.
We laugh...a lot. We go deep. We fly high and we make friends with shadows.The journey to move from a place of fear into a place of freedom truly begins with a single step.

No one can do this for you so we set a pace that suits your groove and peace of mind. Creating a compassionate, open, energetic, human, spontaneous partnership is a huge part of a my coaching experience.

____How long does the process take?
Some people simply want an overview...then they head out on their own.
Others like the idea of a guide along the way. Coaching partnerships may last 3 months to 1 year and longer.
Remember, you didn't arrive at this place in your life overnight. It may take some time to shake off and replace thought habits and emotional shackles.

Take one step at a time. Bottom line, this is for you. Whatever pace you travel at, make sure it feels right.

____Where and How do sessions take place?
Sessions are done most often by phone.This is a most intimate and least intrusive format and is incredibly easy and effective. Simply get comfortable in your space and pick up the phone.

Conference calls are used for telecourses. This enables you to access recordings of classes.
Call details sent upon paid registration.

____What about accountability?
Meaning are you accountable to me? No. You're accountable to yourself.
My style encourages you by helping create a system that will move you in a meaningful direction at a pace that suits you. I'm there to support you, not push you.
Together we create a structure that will make it easiest for to show up for each session, do any 'homework' between calls.

____I'm want coaching on a very specific issue. Is that possible?
Yes. As a General Practitioner of Life, I have a well rounded,deep and diverse well of know how, training and experience to draw from. I work with whatever you choose to bring to the table.

1:1 coaching is for your exclusive benefit. Programs listed are simply a good introduction to my services.

I'm here to help you Show up for Your Self in a landscape rich in possibility.

It's especially important to set up a 'Meet and Greet' call to see if you like my style. I can also refer you to someone who might be a better fit for your issue.

____How do I pay you? Do you have a guarantee?
All programs are paid in advance.
Paypal or Stripe. contact me.to make arrangements.

My satisfaction guarantee applies to making sure that you are satisfied with how sessions are delivered. The biggest outcome in coaching depends upon what is done by the client between sessions.

____Do you provide support between sessions?
Yes. email support is available between sessions. Support specifics are included in your coaching portfolio.

____Do we sign a contract?
I use a Coach/Client Agreement with 1:1 Life Coaching.
This agreement outlines the coaching process: scheduling, fees, contact information,confidentiality, cancellation policy, and confirms a weekly or biweekly coaching spot with me.
____ What's a 'Get Acquainted Session or Meet and Greet'?
This is a short 20 minute call giving us a chance to introduce ourselves; see how we feel about working with each other and if I am the best fit for what you need.
If you know feel pretty certain you'd like to work together contact me Let's talk.

____Do you do Business Coaching?
I am a Wholehearted Entrepreneurs Coach and I love helping other business people learn, grow and thrive.
When you run your own business all your unfinished sh*t comes up.

Juggling all things LiFE can be overwhelming. When you're new to something, you don't know what you don't know.
Drama and panic or false assumptions of what's normal can be scary, costly, draining and avoided.
Coaching the person is coaching the business. Having a good business coach can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of anxiety.

I started my first business at age 25, a professional floral design and decor store. It was a ton of hard work, a lot of fun and very successful. Since then I've had several more prosperous businesses.
A big part of my success is attributed to the fact that I sought out mentors and coaches who had a solid appreciation of being successful in business AND the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

option 1
Set up a customized Business Coaching Package Send me an email.

option 2
check out 1:1 Coaching.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page to check out the VIP Meet at Dawn- All year Long package.Email me if you'd like to know more.

What have I missed?
What else would you like to know? Please drop me a line at dawn@dawnkotzer.com . I'll reply as quickly as possible.
My best to you
Dawn Kotzer

"Meet at Dawn"

Masterful Coaching
"Working with Dawn is like being masterfully escorted out of a house of mirrors, you know, the kind that distort the way you see yourself. Her coaching helped me see beyond the odd reflections and through to my more vital and authentic self."
—David S., Brooklyn, NY USA